Clearnote Songbook

Clearnote Songbook is a web resource designed to inspire a reformation of corporate worship. Our aim is to make it a one-stop shop for all things liturgical. It includes:

  • A blog for discussing the complex and often controversial issues   
    surrounding worship

  • An online hymnal featuring old and new songs for corporate singing,   
    with free and easy access to bulletin-ready lyrics, lead sheets,
    charts, and musical demos (all licensed under Creative Commons to make
    usage as free and open-handed as possible)

  • A collection of liturgical aids: calls to worship, prayers,
    confessions, litanies, creeds, advent readings, orders of service, etc.

  • Long-term goal: creating a new Psalter in modern English for singing,
    already underway!

We want to give churches the help they need in order to bring their worship more in line with Biblical principles, without sacrificing contemporary appeal.

Please spread the word about this important and useful resource. 


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