About Us

The Good Shepherd Band is comprised of the chief musicians of Clearnote Church, Bloomington. We’re church musicians, first and foremost. That’s where we direct our energies. We love the Church, and use our gifts to serve her. We’re not looking for fame. We’re working for reformation. The Church today is in a bad way, you see. And the song of the Church is no exception.

Where have all the old themes gone? Where is The Judgment? Where is holiness? Where is the Law? How can we claim to have grace without these? We can’t. So, let’s bring them back. Bring them back and life will make sense again. Church will make sense. Bring back the danger.

We’re not another parachurch ministry. We don't stand outside lobbing bombs over the wall. We’re committed to the local church. Clearnote Church, Bloomington to be exact. This is our home.

Sometimes we make albums. When we do, it’s for the glory of God and your edification. So please listen to them, understanding that not all the songs are for congregational singing. It’s hard to write songs for the worshiping church. We make a lot of mistakes trying. But God is gracious and able, we trust, to make even our mistakes fruitful. Time and again we have found this to be true.




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